Imagination – one of the Three Elements of Creation

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.” James Allen

Everyone uses their imagination everyday. The main way people use their imagination is negative instead of positive and that is through worry and fear. For about six months I would grab my pocket while out to make sure I had my car key. I’ve only had one car key for over a year and I was constantly afraid would drop it and not be able to drive my car. And that’s exactly what happened. One day I went for a walk and then worked in my garden. Two hours later I went to go somewhere and I couldn’t find my car key. That was three weeks ago and I still can’t find it. Luckily I had an extra key I forgotten I had left at my brothers years ago. But I had used my imagination to create the emotion and scenario to lose my car key and I made it happen.

I told my brother this story and he said I should start thinking about good things. That is what led me to write this post. Our imaginations are so powerful that they can create negative or positive events that we consistently dwell upon and that is why the In the Bible admonishes “Dwell on what is good”. That is extremely important or your imagination can create the negative future you are concerned about. We are all conjurers of our future.

I have a belief that anything the human mind can conceive of, can be accomplished with the combination of imagination, knowledge and time. The human brain is composed of the same basic building blocks of matter that everything else in the universe is made of. The human mind is a product of this materialistic architecture. This doesn’t mean I am discounting the unknown forces and processes that can be taking place across the entire universe which impacts our brains and interacts with what we call our mind as well. Today I want to briefly explore the first of the Triumvirate of Creation which is: Imagination.

Imagination is a mysterious force which can’t be touched or seen directly but we live in a world in which imagination has created. Imagination is arguably one of the most powerful special ability all humans have been granted. Each of us possess an amazingly complex imagination engine within our skulls. Just recently it’s been discovered our brains maybe be ten to 100 times more powerful then first realized. That’s because it’s not only our neurons that are able to perform calculations but its also the connections between them are capable of this as well. The physical part of imagination is based on biology. That’s why its critical to take care of our brains and provide what they need in order to use all that amazing computer power to devise and create the world we desire to live in.

Three things that everyone can do for their brains today and to improve your imagination is to:

1. Exercise

2. Ingest Omega 3 fatty acids

3. Lower your stress response.

Go for a walk, do squats, do some sprints. All of those things can have a positive impact on brain function. Omega 3’s are missing from most people’s diets. I like to get my Omega 3’s from krill oil and wild caught salmon. Stress -stresses out your brain. It has a physiological effect on every cell of the body including the brain. When I eat poorly and give into negative emotions and thoughts when I’m under stress I can feel the effect on my brain. In those moments of even low grade panic my ability to create imaginative solutions is greatly diminished. Even if imagination is as some artists believe and some scientists like Tesla believed is a mere ability to receive information from the ether or is inspiration from the muses, it still behooves us all to make sure our “receivers” are not flooded with stress hormones, has the fatty acids to function optimally, and are bathed with positive protective neurochemicals in order to have our full mental abilities ready to receive.

Besides having a healthy well fed brain what else is required for the better deployment of imagination? For me imagination requires that I’m constantly exposed to positive new ideas and that I combine with these with what I’ve already learned along with three main elements that I have to provide for the imagination process to take plac which are: Vision, Gratitude and Confidence. These are necessary for the imagination to take the elements we’ve been exposed to and to create a positive future. Vision creates that point in the future where you want to reach, gratitude is the solid bedrock foundation with which the bridge to the future has to be built upon and confidence leads the mind to find and create the necessary material in order to construct that bridge despite obstacles. Gratitude is often left out when talking about imagination. I know when I am living by sight and not by faith it’s because I’m not grateful for where I’m at and what I have. Imagination is a powerful force but it is sometimes hard to employ. When I complain I can feel the forces of imagination retreat within me. James Allen had a great insight into this

“The very fact that you are a complainer, shows that you deserve your lot.”

One way I’m working on unleashing my imagination is through a program called “Self-Authoring”. I heard about it from one of its creators, Jordan Peterson. He talked about it while he was on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode #877. I’m starting it today. In this program he has you do two exercises – one is to write an autobiography and the other is to imagine an ideal world you would want to live in, in the future if you could have exactly what you wanted. These two exercises are extremely powerful because it compels you to take a hard look back at your past and then consciously use your imagination to chart your own future.

So often we feel that our past is this prison we can never escape. That forces beyond our control have locked us into patterns of behavior that are permanent. This is another saving grace of the power of imagination. Even if you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing it can still help you to propel you beyond these destructive habits. Imagination is about creating new realities – and it uses everything at hand to construct that – including what you perceive of as negative aspects of your past.

We can increase our command and use of our imagination by being in a positive, hopeful, and grateful state or we can choose to chase away our muse and live at the whim of the forces of nature and the decisions of others. Imagination built upon vision, gratitude and confidence directs us to gain and apply the necessary knowledge in order to build the future we think about most. If we do this over a long enough time scale I am firmly convinced that anything the mind can conjure with the imagination can become reality. Good luck today with imagining and taking the next step to create that amazing future only you can imagine.

Brad Miller

* I’m beginning the course today. If you would like to go along on this journey there is a spring special for $29.90 for which you get two logins so you and your significant other can go through it together or you can share it with whomever you choose.

This is a link where you can read  for free the great book by James Allen – “As a man thinketh”

Imagination, Knowledge and Time

I am convinced that anything the human mind can achieve can be created through the use of imagination, knowledge and time.

The human mind is made up of the same fundamental building blocks as all the other stuff in the universe. The imagination is a product of the brain produced or expressed through the human  mind. Hence the imagination is made from the same stuff that is needed to create what it can conceive.

Imagination isn’t enough though. Knowledge is necessary to harness the inherent properties of matter and energy to create what the human imagination can conceive. This knowledge comes through observation and experimentation. 

Our main issue blocking innovation is the sensitivity of our tools to measure phenomena. As these tools of measurement increase their resolution more and more of the inherent properties of matter can be applied to making what has been imagined real. 

 Observation and experimentation require time to produce results. That’s the third component to create the imaginable. Knowledge isn’t free. It must be earned or learned. And no one who is creating something that has never existed before can have any clue as to how long it will take to gain and successfully apply the knowledge needed to marshall the inherent properties of matter to create what they’ve imagined.

The myth, legends, religious stories and modern day comic book heroes are all in my opinion an echo or a shadow of the possibilities that exist in the future. Somehow the human mind through the imagination has glimpsed the unlimited possibilities which are possible by applying imagination plus knowledge acquired and applied over a sufficient time scale. 

Look at the gods of Olympus or the idead of ever lasting life without physical pain or the ability to fly or manipulate objects with just your mind. All these possibilities hinted at by the writers of  today and yesterday are possible. 

Our current limitations are not caused by any inherent limitations of the natural world. There is for all intents and purposes infinite matter and infinite energy in the universe. We need to imagine that we can create solutions and then create the tools to measure and then reorganize matter to make what was once thought impossible, possible. 

I firmly  believe that we will soon have a device to make physical pain obsolete and make natural death a relic of history and thus fulfill the prophetic writings of the faithful and the fanatics. What if the concept of god merely imbodied the possibilities the human mind plus the rest of the matter in the universe could create?

The imagination of poets and priests of the past gave us inspiration and hope that these amazing abilities and undertakings could occur. Take living in heaven among the stars . Now in religious texts we needed to die first. But maybe that was just a metaphor. What  if the death they referred to reallymeant that we needed to shed our doubts and our limiting thoughts?

All problems have solutions if someone is imaginative enough, persists in acquiring and applying  knowledge over a sufficient enough time span. The future is amazingly bright for humanity. We have thousands of years worth of resources on Earth and millions of years of resources at our finger tips in just our own ssystem.