Five Minutes at a Time

Whatever your New Years resolutions are this trick may help you keep them.

I’m terrible at organization. In fact when I was in second grade I can still remember my teacher, Mrs. Rasar, yelling at me in front of the entire class, because I couldn’t find my math homework that was crammed inside my extremely messy desk. I’m not ashamed to admit it that I did cry that day.

Fast forward to today and I still struggle with this issue but I’ve found a way to change this life-long aversion to organization five minutes at a time.

It’s definitely not rocket science and I’m sure I’m not the first to propose this. What I do is set a timer on my phone for five minutes and then I clean and organize whatever space I want to improve in that amount of time. During this time I’m fond of playing some music. Currently I’m playing Hank William III’s “Crazed Country Rebel” as I’m organizing my medical bills and insurance paperwork.

Tackling a big issue like getting organized can feel overwhelming. By setting a timer for only five minutes at a time I free myself of the anticipated dread of spending hours or even days tackling a problem.

What I’ve found is that after the five minutes are up I set the timer again for five more minutes. I keep doing this and before I know it I’ve got a bookshelf organized, or I’ve gone through a stack of old mail or I’ve finally completed a filing system to put my financial, medical and business paperwork in.

Procrastination destroys my initiative, saps my energy and makes me feel even more physically unwell than usual. Taking action even if it’s only for five minutes at a time is better than not taking any action. I feel a lot better when I am moving in the direction of my goals.

When I set a timer for only five minutes, I think to myself that I can do anything for five minutes. Then when I finally do get off the couch the magic of momentum kicks in and before I know it my room and my car are more cleaned and organized then they’ve been in decades.

Currently I’m rewatching the show “Frasier” from the beginning on Amazon Prime. In between each episode I set my phone timer for five minutes and see how much I can get done. Sometimes I just work for the five minutes and then start the next episode but more often then not I reset that five minute timer at least once or twice before I plop back down on the capuchin to watch the next episode

Today most folks are struggling to break old habits and build new ones, tackle great challenges or accomplish new feats. What I’ve found helpful in my quest to become a better human being is to break down whatever I want to accomplish into small increments of action that I can accomplish in five minutes at a time. It’s a non-stressful way for me to get motivated, build momentum and change lifelong habits by simply setting my phone timer for five minutes and getting to work.

Brad Miller

Fellow Human

Bitcoin explained in 60 seconds

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the next evolution of money and banking.

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a proven and secure decentralized digital currency and payment system. There are about 800 other crypto-currencies out there but Bitcoin is the grandfather of them all. Bitcoin and other decentralized digital currencies are the next evolution in money because they aren’t issued and controlled by a government and do not require financial institutions to store or to send them. This technology is revolutionizing banking, politics and global peace because individuals are now empowered to send money to anyone around the world with just their phone.

Brad Miller

Fellow Human

Hero wanted

Are you the hero of your story?

We are all storytellers. We cast ourselves as the hero or villain, sidekick, supporting cast or victim in the stories we tell ourselves. Out of those choices who do you want to be? In the past without even being aware of it I wasn’t casting myself as the hero and in fact most of the time I felt as if I was just an extra in the story of my life. Over the last few years I’ve had a mindset shift that has led me to rewrite the story of my life, which includes how I view my past present and how I want to live in the future. Below are some of the ideas and techniques that help you own the story of you and become the hero of your life.

If you only have a minute or so please watch this video.


We all act or don’t act by the stories we tell ourselves. Are we going to be defined by our past mistakes or we going to cast ourselves as the hero in the story of our life? Are we going to be propelled by the story of us a hero embarking bravely and boldly toward what we desire? Or are we going to be paralyzed by the story we tell ourselves about how we are only our failures of our past?
Why is it important to take control of the stories you tell yourself?

1. Life is short – we are all on borrowed time – every movie you’ve ever seen or book you’ve read had a run time or a page count. Your story does as well.

2. You have the power to control, edit, change and alter the story you tell yourself about your past, present and future. By doing so you can create a more peaceful, powerful and productive you in the present which is much more capable of created the future reality you’ve written for yourself.

3. Either you are the hero of your story or someone else is. If you are not the hero you are the victim of external forces which you have no hope of overcoming and you are waiting on a hero to save you. This is the danger of politics and toxic relationships. You are a helpless victim and they are here to protect you from the villains and the world you are not prepared to encounter because you are according to their story that you accept, incapable of being the hero of your own life.

4. We love epic movies because we are supposed to be living epic lives. Recast yourself as the hero. Reimagine your origin story. Create a clearer narrative about your future story and right now envious yourself as a king who believes that his destiny is his to write. Each morning set out upon your white horse of ambition in the armor of courage holding the shield of truth and the sword of decision. The crown you wear is your own. You need no one to tell you that you are worthy to where the mantle, it is your birth right, your obligation and your responsibility.

Guy Ritchie does a great job explaining what it means to be the king of your domain. Everyman is a king and should have dominion over his kingdom. He isn’t talking about dominating others he’s talking about taking extreme ownership of yourself. While listening to the podcast he got me so motivated I bought the book Extreme Ownership while I was listening to the podcast. I’ll post a review soon.

This editing of your life’s story is not meant to be a means of ignoring physical reality or the consequences of past or future actions. However I do believe that the narratives we tell ourselves to explain the workings of the world and the role we are cast ourself in our own story are far more powerful than any circumstance we may find ourselves in. Your narrative doesn’t protect you from the fallout from your mistakes or physical reality. Just as the mighty hero of a great sci-fi- epic, you are not immune to slings and arrows of fortune, but just like every great hero, you have decided to go after what you desire no matter the circumstances you currently find yourself in. By casting yourself as the hero king of your story you are creating the powerful image in your mind that you can overcome, learn from, and turn to your advantage any mistake or oversight, or misdeed or misfortune to your benefit. A hero takes his lumps but he doesn’t stop. He gets back up after being knocked down and he continues on toward the promised land.



You can check out more of Jordan Peterson’s approach to scripting your life story at his website:

Now as you write your narrative of your life be careful who you cast as the Villain in your story. It’s extremely dangerous to cast a person as the villain of your narrative. The political dissension is a perfect example of two groups of people who have cast polar opposites as their side’s villain. In other words the stories about reality that they are telling themselves is the opposite of what the other group is telling themselves. What both sides are missing is that the people within each faction should cast themselves as the heroes of their lives and begin acting accordingly. Jordan Peterson’s Self-Authoring program is designed to help you take charge of the narrative of your life and crafting your future reality as well.

You own your past and can tell the story how you see fit which best serves your ability to act with confidence today. Start thinking of your past as your origin story. We all have the most powerful piece of machinery yet known to exist and it resides inside our cranium. Our imagination is the story generating tool that constructs the narratives we live by. The narrative of who you are is not fixed. That is to say within certain parameters. Don’t lie to yourself and don’t lie to others. But that doesn’t mean you have to paint yourself in the worst possible light for your origin story. Those events that occurred and the choices you made in the past got you where you are today. Every great super hero story begins that way. Your origin story is your’s to create.

Along with the powerful origin story every hero wants something. Use your future reality generating machine – your imagination – to craft the story of your future. Tell that story to yourself often. Don’t worry about nailing it all down at once. Focus on the emotional states you want to experience more of and begin creating the scenarios in which you would feel those. The hero wants the girl because of how he thinks he’ll feel when he wins her heart. We all want things or the affections of others, or a vacation or money to feel a certain way. Knowing what emotional states that you want to experience more of will keep you from being disappointed by achieving your goals. Your real goal as the hero is to create a freer, more prosperous, more just, safer, and happier world for yourself and those that you love to inhabit.

You can be the villain, the victim, the supporting cast or even an extra in the story of your life or you can be the hero you were born to be. Claim that today. Claim your dominion over your kingdom. Take full responsibility of your domain. Create your origin story that empowers you to act in the present with confidence and boldness, in order to overcome the internal and external struggles that are necessary to make the story you’ve crafted for your future, becomes a reality.

Brad Miller

Purpose of life is more life

What if humans weren’t a cancer on the world? What if human activity was natural just like the activity of every other plant and animal on Earth? And what if nature has created us to spread life off this planet onto the barren rocks of space?

Ninety nine percent of all species on Earth are extinct.  There have been six mass extinctions and at one point in time 96% of all species were wiped out. And guess what we had zero to do with it. Either the Earth or the Jniverse or whatever forces are at work here don’t give two shits about life on this planet or life is so resilient that not even a massive ball of fire hurtling towards the earth at 70,000 miles an hour can wipe out all of Earth. I am of the belief that it is the later.

My theory is that humans are not the problem and in fact we are the solution to making life more resilient. This is inline with Life’s Number one Commandment which is to become more resilient you must grow. I believe that Humans are the brains of nature and our hands are needed to rearrange the natural world so we can leave this planet and in doing so bring the seeds of life. We have been chosen to be THE GARDENERS OF THE GALAXY.

What we know so far is that in our neighborhood of space there is no other planet that has life. Life wants to expand grow and increase in complexity. We are on the cusp of increasing in compact in order to spread the seeds of life to asteroids, moons and planets. When humans fulfill our birthright trillions upon trillions of new species will evolve. The breadth and complexity of life in a few hundred years will dwarf any impact we’ve had on our fellow pecies of Earth.

Even if humans weren’t here the likely hood all the animals would go extinct is still 100% over a sufficient timescale on Earth. By moving out into space Nature has increased her odds of continuing. I do believe that Nature or Life is a force of some kind. Not in a hippie dippie way but in a way that we have not yet been able to measure. And when we do measure this force it will be one that contains this simple line of “code” “Grow”. That is its fundamental imperative.

Humans are so self hating. We are regaled by the prophets of doom on a daily basis. We are destroying the “planet”. We are making all other species extinct. What if all this messy development is to serve a larger purpose? Could all the cat videos, porn and spam that fueled the creation and adoption of the internet exist simply to provide the resources to create the cyber world? And this cyber world was necessary in order to facilitate the creation of new technology that will:

ONE – Will help us stop the next killer comet from wiping us out and most of life on Earth.


Secondly: Will help us reach all the rocky barren worlds out there to help fulfill our imperative and the imperative of all life which is to grow.

Think about what humans are doing. We are mining the rocks and resources that are locked deep down within the planet that is being unproductive and brining it up to the surface to become building blocks of life. What if all things that are considered non-living are actually part of the living system in the universe? We are all made up of non-living materials. The more non-living materials that are available for life will in turn become more life.

Humans are part of the natural system. We are not separate. We are not a cancer. The more humans the better because no one has any idea how we are going to get into space and spread life around cosmos. Life exists to do one thing and that is to grow. We are fulfilling this biological imperative and we are going to move other life with us wherever we go. No other species that has existed that we know of could do this.

What if the Earth is a seed? In a seed all that the plant needs to sprout and to grow initially is inside the seed. This includes DNA plus minerals, fats, and other molecules that help the DNA to create proteins in order to fulfill its mandate which is to grow. Life on Earth is using Earth as a seed. What other purpose does it have? A static view of nature is naive, foolish and down right dangerous. Massive changes have been the normal condition of Earth for its supposed 4 billion plus years. To think the Earth or the sun for that matter is Eternal is insanity.

The idea that we can “use up” resources is also a mistake. If a plant uses all of its minerals and fat and other molecules contained in its seed does that mean that matter no longer exists? No on the contrary. This seed has now put these non-living materials into the living world. This will in turn be reimagined by an endless number of creatures. Each of us began in space, the water we have in our bodies began in a comet, our minerals were carried to Earth by asteroids. And all of these minerals and other building blocks of life have been recycled for all intents and purposes an infinite amount of time. How many bacteria and viruses die inside us each day? How much food do we eat each day? How much water passes through us?

I do believe that this LIFE FORCE wants us to spread life to the Stars beginning with our Moon, Mars and other rocky bodies on our Galactic Street. Having a larger perspective about this Life Force is important or authoritarians can gain control and actually decrease the amount of life that exists and limits its complexity and resiliency. Without this perspective it’s easy to look at incidents and relationships that are occurring on a minuscule time scale in relation to geological time, especially when we try to understand human activity, we can actually betray Life’s Imperative of Growth.

Humans need to flourish for life to move beyond Earth. And for humans to flourish we need freedom. We are best when we are free to chart our own paths. The United States is extremely flawed in many ways. But what was done right in my opinion was the rejection of the idea that the state issued rights. All humans have inherent rights that I believe are in line with the Life Force’s imperative of Growth. They include the Right to Life Liberty and Property. When people are free to chart their own path, keep the production of their labor, and peacefully trade with others amazing things happen. Food production sky rockets, technology increases exponentially, and life expectancy increases.

Now that being said I don’t believe in a scorched Earth policy. And I don’t believe that will happen when people are free. I do believe that humans when we learn more and more about the inherent laws of nature we will work more efficiently with those forces in less wasteful ways. Having a growth mindset for life in all regards is a healthy attitude to have. The more diversity in life that Earth has the more new species will evolve when we plant the seeds of life on other worlds. Freedom creates resiliency because it encourages individual adaptations to local resources and social conditions.

Now this doesn’t mean we should concrete over the entire world. The philosophy of life is growth. How we grow is important but it shouldn’t be at the hands of authoritarians. The Climate Change crowd and a lot of the environmental movement is led by authoritarians who want to control individuals. That is not good for growth. Freedom is necessary for individuals to learn from their mistakes and to follow their predilections and also their talents to flourish. When that happens technology advances. Life also learns from its mistakes. There is no top down committee or dictator determining how many acorns a squirrel should bury or how much salmon a bear should eat before it hibernates. Humans are apart of or infused with this same LIFE FORCE that compels the growth of all life.

A lot of folks will say even if they agree with my premise that we should go to the stars in order to spread life is that the smartest should be anointed by those in power and given taxpayer funds to accomplish this. That again is against the paradigm of the natural world. Taxation is a form of theft. That money existed in an individuals pocket before it was taken. The more people are working on these opportunities the better. And those who are looking to accomplish this should have to exist in the Free Market just like you and I do. That is we have to persuade others to part with their cash by exchanging our ideas, knowledge and labor for it.

No one could predict how the internet or smart phones have impacted the world. No one can predict how we are going to go to space. And we can’t force this by funneling resources to authoritarians who have a monopoly of force determine how 7 billion people in the world should live. Anyone who wants to contribute to or increase the expression of the Life Force on Earth should withhold as much power and resources from governments as possible. Have you been to a military base lately? They are toxic waste dumps. How many hundreds of millions have been killed by governments? How many people died today because of drone strikes? How many people around the world are having trouble affording food because of the actions of the Federal Reserve?

Others will argue that only government can accumulate the resources to do the really important work. I counter that with the fact that large companies are constantly going out of business because of competition from smaller companies because technology, attitudes and ideas are constantly evolving. A perfect example of how small scale private projects can create progress when a larger scale public project funded by billions is still years away, is the Fusion generator quest. Lockheed Skunkworks is leading the private sector way with this tech and is less than ten years away to create a compact fusion reactor that will be truck transportable and be able to power over 80,000 homes. While a huge European project is ten years behind schedule on its timetable and 4.6 Billion over budget and may never be turned on. Lockheed or some other company will beat the government run program because of the ability to adapt to the new information and technology that is being created everyday.

One example within this example is the development of hydrogen metal magnets. These super conducting metal was just created last year. The government project which is based on ten year old technology will not be able to adapt to this new tech while Lockheed or another company might be able to. The benefit of the Hydrogen metal is that it is a super conducting metal at room temperature. This allows designers to create significantly smaller fusion reactors. In the future fusion reactors will create nearly limitless energy using materials readily available.

The future is amazingly bright for humanity and the Life Force. In the past the Earth was at the mercy of heavenly bodies smashing into it and setting back evolution millions of years. The Life Force on Earth has never had a defender of her biosphere like humanity. We are the brains and hands of Gaia or whatever you want to call the Life Force, who will be able to destroy any killer planet killing comets or asteroids that come our way. And one day if enough individuals live in an atmosphere of peace and freedom we will have the tech necessary to launch ourselves into space and create new Edens on the endless planets that exist. We have the potential to help the Life Force spread where she has not yet gotten a toe hold.

I used to think that going to space was insane. Why would we want to go to a place that is so unfit for life. But this is exactly the reason we are compelled to go. Because life is not there. Humans have an innate need to explore and to find new spaces to inhabit. The complexity and resiliency of life is only going to expand as humans increase despite the klaxon of warnings being sounded by the population control people, the climate change people and the environmentalists. I say the more humans the better. The more minds we have the more capable we will be to defend and to spread life to where it is not.

If people truly care about life we should all want more humans on Earth and to have those humans live in an atmosphere of peace and freedom. Prosperity breeds technological innovation and freedom gives space to individuals to dream big, gain resources using persuasion, and create the necessary tech to get to space and thrive on other planets. And if peace lasts for long enough we will do just that. If peace lasts for long enough and if there is enough freedom for the billions of individuals on Earth we are destined to go forth into the Cosmos in order to be fruitful and multiply. We are not a plague. Babies are not the enemy. Life is precious. We are created to create more life. We all embody the Life Force’s Imperative which is to Grow. The more we do the more life has a chance of reaching the stars with us.

Being Chronically Human

Hello Fellow Human,

The reason why I’m launching this blog and podcast is to explore the big ideas that can help enhance the experience of being human. I’ve struggled with chronic illness and the complications from that for the past thirty years. Over that time period I’ve done a lot of searching and researching. I’ve read widely from information on neurochemistry to stoic philosophy all in an attempt to alleviate and ameliorate the suffering caused by my different conditions. What I’ve found over these past thirty years is that all the solutions and ideas I was collecting, not only applied to my specific situation, but might also be helpful to anyone else who is dealing with the condition that afflicts us all;  and that is the human condition.

We are all Chronically Human. We all want to be loved, to be valued, and to enjoy as much as possible the experience of existing on this round blue spaceship hurtling through space. We all breathe air, we drink water, we eat, excrete, have to sleep and have a myriad of other basic biological necessities. And we all have fear of physical pain, fear of being alone, and fear of death. We are all a lot alike in some respects but we are also vastly different in other ways. Our biologies follow basic patterns but everyone’s DNA is unique. Our past experiences, our interests, and our capabilities vary vastly from person to person. I want this blog and podcast to be an aggregator of the best ideas out there from our fellow humans who have found solutions to issues that affect us all.

The podcast will be a mix of me talking about what I’ve found interesting and helpful as well as having conversations with others about their life experiences and their professional expertise. I’ll also have transcripts from the podcasts as well as different information that I’ve found associated with the topics covered. Additional posts will be added on a regular basis to the blog about everything from Seasteading to Ancestral Health information to breakthroughs in Fusion Power generation. I believe that every problem has a solution. With imagination added to enough knowledge acquired and applied over a sufficient time span, anything the mind conceives can be accomplished.

I am optimistic about the future of humanity and want to play a small roll in helping shape that future by sharing ideas, conversations and above all hope with those who believe the same thing. I want to form a community of “Free People of Goodwill” that share information and experiences that help shed light on living within the constraints and with the benefits of being human. And as everyone can attest to, it’s not easy being a human being. Dealing on a daily basis with the human condition is confusing, difficult, and painful at times, and at other times it can be exhilarating, joyous, and transcendent. I want more of the latter while accepting that the former is also part of the experience of being Chronically Human.

I look forward to interacting with my fellow humans and discovering new and exciting information together that can help us all thrive while we deal with being Chronically Human.

Brad Miller

Fellow Human