Chronically Human Podcast episode 3 with Jason Pye

Our guest on episode #3 was Jason Pye, a Libertarian-leaning-lobbyist who is the Vice President Of Legislative Affairs at Freedomworks. He describes himself as “Politically Homeless and Libertarian minded”.

Chronically Human Podcast 003 w/ Jason Pye

On this episode we discuss many issues regarding his work advocating for Liberty in Washington DC, including his most recent success, his efforts to get The First Step Act passed into law, which President Trump signed in December of last year.

The First Step Act is a major criminal justice reform law which will help thousands of individuals who were sentenced under the draconian Three Strikes Laws and the unfair crack cocaine sentencing laws of the 80’s and 90’s. The passage of The First Step Act was supported by folks on both sides of the aisle because it is the first step in bringing the bloated, increasingly totalitarian justice system back to its mandate of protecting life, liberty and property. Jason also pointed out that criminal justice reform saves money as well, Texas has saved billions of dollars of taxpayer money, over ten years, implementing similar laws.

We also discussed why America has the largest prisoner population on Earth, with over 2.2 million incarcerated plus another 1.5 million on probation. The main reason is that they are 400,000 laws and regulations on the books which include the laws passed as part of the destructive War on Drugs.

Since the passage of the War on Drugs in 1971 the US prison population has grown from 200,000 to over 2.2 million. The population in 1971 was around 220,000,000 and now it is over 320,000,000. If the incarceration rates stayed the same there would be only around 320,000 in jail and prison. The War on Drugs has been a disaster for society, created massive poverty, corruption, overdose dangers due to adulterated drugs and has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands on the U.S. / Mexico broader.

The First Step Act is hopefully, what its name implies, a First Step in fixing our corrupt and injurious criminal justice system and maybe even ending the disastrous, expensive (over a trillion dollars spent on it since the 70’s) War on Drugs, which is really a war on individuals.

As well as talking about the First Step Act, Jason offered hope to all of those who are interested in exposing the actions of the secretive and private entity called the Federal Reserve. He said the Audit the Fed Bill is alive and gaining support in Congress. Getting this bill passed would finally expose where all the money is going. Currently the National Debt is 22 trillion dollars and that wouldn’t be possible without the Federal Reserve, which is a privately owned bank, that has the monopoly to print endless amounts of money. The Feds printing press is what causes inflation. Inflation then transfers wealth from the majority of people to the bankers and the well connected as prices increase and package sizes decrease all ahead of any wage increases.

We briefly touched on the immigration issue. I think we both agree that free movement and migration should be an inherent right but the fact that the world isn’t perfect at this time makes the idea of borders a necessity. I know it’s a complicated issue and libertarians hold strong opinions about both sides of the issue. We did agree that the legal immigration apparatus definitely needs revamping.

We look forward to speaking with Jason again. He is extremely knowledgeable about the principles upon which individual liberty is grounded and the inner workings of the Beltway. That is a rare combination.

A big thank you to Jason for his time and work. It was extremely enlightening to hear how the “sausage is made” in Washington and I think our discussion gives a glimmer of hope to all of us who want to live in a more free, peaceful, just and prosperous world.

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Thanks for watching.

Brad Miller

Chronically Human

Inquire, compliment, motivate 

Three steps you can take immediately to improve how you connect and communicate with those around you and make your world a better place to inhabit. 

We all want to heard, valued and encouraged. This is a fundamental aspect of being human. But like everything else in this world we must give in order to receive. 

These techniques are not about manipulation or deception and definitely not designed to make your conversations all one sided affairs.   They are merely tools that if used consistently during conversations  can help you to improve your knowledge of others and the world, clarify what you admire, and strengthen your relationships. 

 1. Inquire 

Ask questions. This seems like such a no-brained but how many conversations have you been a part of that consists of two people spouting declarative sentences at each other? These type of conversations are not the best way to connect with others. 

What can separate you from the masses is to ask relevant follow up questions based on the answer of your conversation partner. The more you are knowledgeable about many different subjects the better questions you can ask. Never stop learning. 

This active listening during the conversation helps to curb our tendency to focus on what we are going to say next without understanding what the other person is really saying. The better we understand others in our life the better our life becomes. 

Take away:

If you want to to be heard you first need to hear others.

 2: Compliment

We all want to be complimented. Unfortunately most of us don’t receive compliments on a regular basis. This can be demoralizing and explains a lot about what people post on social media. You may not be able to illicit compliments on demand but you can pay others compliments without it costing you a dime. 

When you are interacting with another human being, consciously seek out the qualities, actions, successes, attributes, personality traits, and aspects of their style that you find admirable or appealing. 

People are starving for sincere compliments. Don’t lie about liking their dress when you don’t. People can detect this as bullshit. 

Make a point to confidently give your compliments to others.. Look them  in the eye pay them the compliment and then tell them the why behind the compliment. 

Telling a girl her dress is nice is better than nothing. A better option though would be telling her why she looks amazing in that dress. Make it personal and meaniful. 


Paying a sincere compliment to someone is one one of the best gifts you can give them and it costs you nothing. 

3. Motivate

Everyone needs a consistent intake of vitamin M (motivation). Be that source for the people you spend time with. Feelings of doubt, fear, and inferiority are part of the human condition. Help those that you love and those you encounter receive their daily dose of vitamin M.

Takeaway: When we motivate others we motivate ourselves as well. 

Our relationships are our life. Learning how to better connect and communicate with your fellow human beings is the simplest, cheapest, and most efficient way to improve the quality of your life, the life of those you love and as a result make the world a better place to inhabit. 

Brad Miller

Fellow Human