Hi Fellow Human,

My name is Brad Miller and I’ve been searching for ideas for the last thirty years in order to help alleviate the suffering caused by multiple chronic health conditions including autoimmune diseases and chronic pain. I used to think I was less human because of the lack of life I’d lived during these decades of suffering. Over the past thirty years I’ve discovered that suffering is innate in the experience of being human. No one escapes this world without suffering. That’s why I’ve stopped identifying as being chronically ill (even though I still have autoimmune issues and chronic pain) and now simply identify as Chronically Human.

But being Chronically Human isn’t just about suffering, the experience can also be amazing, joyous and fascinating. I want to connect and share with other individuals who are aware that they too are Chronically Human and that within these constraints and possibilities of the Human Condition,they  live life fully with a smile on their face (most of the time).

During the last thirty years  I’ve spent countless hours searching for ideas, inspiration and information that could help me become more productive, hurt less and enjoy life more. And this podcast is an extension of that journey.

I no longer identify as chronically ill. I now identify as Chronically Human. This condition is something I share with seven billion plus other souls on the planet. That is comforting and also daunting. We all share the same big fears, our biologies share a lot in common and we all suffer within the creative limitations of being a human being. That is why I think it’s important to connect and share with each other information and insights that may be helpful to others who are also experiencing being Chronically Human.

Brad Miller

Fellow Human


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